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Rotax 912 / Rotax 914 Shock Load Test / Prop Strike Inspection.

Introduction ...

Rotax's Service Letter's SL-912i-001, SL-912-015R1, SL-914-013R1, SL-2ST-009R1 defines a prop strike as one or combination of the following ...

  • "Any cases in which the engine is operating and the propeller impacts an object which causes a considerable drop in engine RPM."
  • "Any incident, whether or not the engine is operating (e.g. damage due to contact with foreign objects, landing gear failure etc.), that requires a removal of the propeller for repair."
  • "Any incident with a sudden RPM drop while impacting water, tall grass, or other similar medium where damage on the propeller structure is not incurred."

The following sections are intended to give you a clearer idea of what a comprehensive Propeller shock load test entails. Please note that it is not always necessary to perform the full set of tests in order to acertain whether or not there has been damage. If a basic set of tests pass (e.g. run out tests, gearbox strip and inspect and cylinder phase check) then there may be no justification to perform further testing. Please always phone to discuss ...

Inspection items for Rotax 912 variants WITH Slipper Clutch ...

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Additional Inspection items for Rotax 914's ...

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