Rotax 912ULS Rebuild - A word about the Finish!

Finally a word about the finish that you might expect if you were to use our services for a rebuild. Pictured in this documentation is an 11 year old Rotax 912 ULS. This engine had, what we would consider, to be fairly normal surface corrosion / oxidisation for a 912 of that age. As part of the rebuild process we pay particular attention to the finish of all parts and aim to return the engine to you looking as close to factory condition as possible. That is of course an aim and subjective opinion only. This particular engine had a rubber replacement so looks particularly well finished. Having said that whether your engine is 5 years old or 20 years old 912 we would expect it's metal work to be returned to you with a similar finish to this. A lot of non metallic parts also respond well to cleaning. We don't use any aggresive chemicals or blasting media whether it be walnut, bead or soda blasting. Our cleaning compounds of choice are ONLY carb spray, Gunk, petrol and an organic mix of ingredients to achieve the final finish (that are safe to drink but you probably wouldn't want to!) that are all available from most supermarkets.

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