ROTAX 912UL Technical Specifications!

Rotax 912 UL (80BHP) Technical Specifications

General Features
  • 4-stroke engine specially developed for recreational aircraft. Also exists in certified versions: Rotax 912 A, Rotax 912 F.
  • 4 horizontally opposed cylinders, "boxer" configuration
  • Free air cooled cylinders, liquid cooled cylinder heads with integrated pump and expansion tank
  • Dry sump forced lubrication with integrated pump and separate oil tank
  • 8 valves, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet
  • Dual Capacitor Discharge Ignition (DCDI) with RFI noise suppression
  • Two Bing Constant Depression (CD) carburetors
  • Mechanically driven diaphragm fuel pump
  • Integrated electric starter
  • Integrated reduction gearbox, ratio of 2.27:1 or 2.43:1 with optional slipper clutch
  • Various liquid and oil radiators available
  • Many option available such as: Vacuum pump, external alternator, hydraulic propeller governor
  • Operates on automotive fuel with a minimum octane rating of 87
  • Time Between Overhauls (TBO): ranges between 600 - 2000 hours

The table below includes data for the Rotax 912 UL.

Maximum Power (5 mins): 81HP / 59.6KW @ 5800 RPM
Maximum Power (sustained) 79HP / 58.9KW @ 5500 RPM
Maximum Torque 75.9ft-lb / 103NM @ 4800 RPM
Bore 3.13" / 79.5mm
Stroke 2.40" / 61.0mm
Displacement: / 1211.2cm�
Compression ratio: 9.0:1
IGNITION SYSTEM: Breakerless Ducati DCDI
(Dual capacitor discharge ignition)
with magneto generator.

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